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Tooth Extractions

Row of wooden tooth shapes, one of which is being pulled out of the row by dental pliersIf you have a tooth that has been bothering you, you may need to have it extracted. If that is the case, then you and your dentist will go over the options available. With so many reasons for an extraction, your dentist will make suggestions that can help eliminate the empty space.

When you have a tooth removed, your chewing ability may become a bit difficult. This chewing difficulty may lead to other problems such as teeth shifting, or TMJ issues. If these issues come up, then you would benefit greatly from getting a hold of Greenway Family Dental to make your extraction as easy and pain-free as possible.

The Process

When an extraction is being done, that area of your mouth will be numbed with an anesthetic. Your dentist will then proceed to extract the problematic tooth. You will experience some pressure as extraction of the tooth occurs.

Dividing The Tooth

If needed, your dentist will divide the tooth and remove it in sections. This dividing is common and is accomplished due to the tooth being difficult to remove at once. It may also take place if there is a curvature of the root.

Following The Extraction

Once the extraction is complete, you will need to allow for the formation of a clot. This clot will help the bleeding to stop and allow healing to begin. In order to do this, you need to have gauze inserted before going home and keep it in place for at least 30 minutes.

Once clotting has set in, it is important to leave it alone. Avoid rinsing right away as it may remove the clot and cause bleeding again. Ensure you avoid rinsing or any other activity for at least a day.

There may be some pain present as soon as the numbing is gone and some swelling may linger. This swelling can be controlled with ice or some other cold items applied to the area. It is also important to keep pain under control with over the counter pain medicine. Ensure to take the pain medications as prescribed. If you have any questions concerning the pain medications, make sure to get a hold of us at Greenway Family Dental. We can make a change in the medications if you feel that your current medicine is not helping with pain.

When your dentist prescribes antibiotics, you need to ensure that you take it as prescribed and for the number of days they are for, regardless of you no longer having any infection. You also need to maintain your fluid intake and eat food that is soft after the extraction. When you feel comfortable a day or so later, you can resume your normal diet.

Give yourself at least 24 hours before you restart brushing and flossing. By giving yourself a day, you will not worry about brushing out the clot. By waiting to brush, your extraction will be able to heal more.

If you are ready for your extraction or if you would like more information concerning it, then call (623) 500-6122 to schedule your appointment now. We can set up an appointment to have the extraction completed or offer other options. No matter what you decide, we are here to help with all of your dental needs.

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