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Mouthguards for Sports

Close up of a hand holding a sports guard against a black backgroundMany dentists recommend the use of sports mouth guards regardless if it is a full contact sport. Typically, the mouth guard will be stronger and better fitting when it is fabricated through your dentist's dental lab. When you have your mouth guard created through the dental lab, it will be the exact fit for your mouth and teeth.

At Greenway Family Dental, our dentist will be able to design and create a strong and sturdy mouth guard that will keep your mouth protected. When your mouth guard is custom-made, it will offer the most comfort available.

Fractures Can Be Prevented

A good reason to wear a mouth guard is so fractures can be prevented. The use of the mouth guard will keep the teeth protected from any direct impact. A mouth guard is a solution that will always work while playing sports.

Concussions Can Be Prevented

With sports injuries, the injury that is often seen is a concussion. Thus, it goes without saying that a mouth guard may be able to help alleviate how often this injury type is experienced. The reason behind it is that the mouth guard is able to absorb a high amount of shock without the jaw moving much.

Decreases The Chance Of Teeth Coming Out

When teeth are hit hard, there is a high chance that they will be broken in some way. The bad part is that teeth can also come out from a hit. When a mouth guard is worn, a hit can be absorbed and the effect can be decreased significantly.

Lessens The Damage Sustained To Soft Tissue

With damage being caused to the teeth, the soft tissue can also be damaged if a mouth guard is not worn. When soft tissue is heavily damaged, the athlete may need surgery. When a minor injury happens by biting the cheek or tongue, it could have been prevented by wearing a mouth guard.

A custom mouth guard will easily prevent injury to soft tissue when it is custom fit. The custom-fit mouth guard is placed on the top teeth, which helps prevent the teeth from biting hard on the inside of the mouth. If the soft tissue is sustained then it will likely involve stitches in order to help close the injury.

Get Your Custom Sports Mouth Guard Today

When you plan to play sports, you need to be prepared for possible injury. By having a mouth guard, you are able to protect yourself. Call (623) 500-6122 to schedule an appointment today!

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