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Oral Cancer Screening

Red ribbon for bringing awareness to oral cancerIn order to keep up with oral care, it is important to make a visit to your dentist on a regular basis to ensure you have no issues, such as oral cancer. When you make your normal appointment, ensure to ask about having an oral cancer screening. When the dentists at Greenway Family Dental conduct your oral cancer screening, they will help make early cancer detection possible.

The Importance Of Screening For Oral Cancer

Having an oral cancer screening is an important part of oral care because cancer can be detected. Having cancer detected early will allow your dentist to provide timely treatment. When treatment is provided early, the chances of eliminating the cancer are greater.

As an oral cancer screening is conducted, an examination of your oral cavity will be done. The dentist will examine the mouth, neck, and face to rule out any abnormalities associated with cancer. The mouth will be checked for any discolorations and if anything is suspicious, then a sample will be obtained and tested.

Oral Cancer Risk Factors

There are several oral cancer risk factors to be aware of such as tobacco use, alcohol consumption, age, diet, and gender. These are just a few of the risks; the actual number of risks is unknown. In fact, the number of cancer patients has increased in those who have no cancer risks. This is why you need to check if you have a family history of cancer, so you can be comfortable knowing that a screening will benefit you.

Prevention And Treatment

In order to have oral cancer prevented, it is best to have screenings conducted with each dental appointment. Your dentist will ensure that every detail is checked and that you are aware of any and all findings. When any abnormality is discovered, a sample will be taken and sent for testing.

Having a biopsy does not determine cancer. Once the results are obtained, the dentist will be able to make a diagnosis. After confirming cancer, appropriate treatment can begin.

The Purpose Of Early Detection

If you want to be sure that there is no presence of oral cancer, you need to have early detection. This will help achieve more success in the treatment that is provided later on. If detection is delayed, the cancer will have an opportunity to spread further.

The purpose of detecting cancer early on is to ensure the survival rate is high among patients. It is known that if detection is made early, then the patient will live longer than they would without detection. So remember, when you schedule your next appointment, to make sure that the dentists at Greenway Family Dental include an oral cancer screening. To learn more about our oral cancer screenings call (623) 500-6122, and schedule your appointment now!

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