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Dentistry For Kids

Adorable and young girl sitting in a dental chair and smiling at her older white dentist and white dental assistantIt is important to brush our teeth. It is equally as important to have our children brush their teeth too. However, as hard as we try, our kids could still likely get at least one cavity growing up.

Not only that, but when a child's oral health is poor, they will likely be out of school more often than other kids whose oral health is good. Although it is not good to miss school due to dental issues, the good part is that cavities can be prevented. As a parent, you can easily help your child learn invaluable habits surrounding oral care.

After you get a hold of Greenway Family Dental, the dentist will help ensure that your child continues to have the best possible oral health. They will also educate you on a few ways to educate your child at home. This way, your child will learn the habits that will make oral care enjoyable.

Be An Example

As an adult, your job is to ensure that your children know how to brush. In fact, they should be in the habit before a tooth comes out. You can have them practice by using a wet washcloth that will remove bacteria.

You can also have them use a soft bristle toothbrush to brush with so that they experience the motions. Once a tooth comes out, you can apply fluoride toothpaste. Make sure that your child is supervised at all times so that the toothpaste is not being swallowed.

Schedule An Appointment

If your child is at least one year old, then they should be making a visit to the dentist. At the dentist, they will conduct an exam specifically catered toward them. Their teeth will be counted and education will commence about brushing. The dentist will also educate parents about scheduling future appointments.

Maintain Fluoride Intake

The use of fluoride helps keep teeth enamel strong and helps prevent substances from breaking down this protective layer. Normally, fluoride will be added to tap water. But if you live in an area that does not have fluoridated water, then you can obtain fluoride supplements to ensure intake is sufficient.

Control Sugar Intake

Controlling sugar intake will help keep cavities and plaque at a minimum. This means your child should be limited on the amount of sweets they enjoy so that their enamel does not erode. This also means you should be having them brush as soon as they finish their sugary treats.

Lead By Example

Being able to teach your children good oral care is one thing, but being able to lead by example is another. This means you need to be showing your kids that you brush your own teeth. When your child sees you brushing, then they will want to also.

By being a model, your kids will learn great habits that they will always be happy to have. So if your child is ready, then give Greenway Family Dental a visit today. If not, then you can give us a call (623) 500-6122 to schedule your appointment today.

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